Jake Bladt

Full-stack developer

This domain was only supposed to be for e-mail, but it seemed silly to waste the web space.

Who is Jake Bladt

I'm a polyglot software developer & architect who has used a broad spectrum of technologies and languages to design and build web, desktop, and platform-level solutions.


What's a polyglot developer?

A polyglot developer is one who is comfortable working in multiple languages and platforms and in the space between languages and platforms. In my case, my most recent projects have been written using Ruby on Rails while much of my experience has been in C#. I've also worked in Java, C/C++, JavaScript, and Python (just to name the languages I've kept most current.)

Why would I want to hire Jake?

You're looking for a software developer/architect with extensive experience covering all phases of the software development lifecycle and a comfort with adopting the right tool for the job even if it's not familiar to him. Or maybe you need a developer who's been using Microsoft tools since Bill Gates was yelling at us for passing around copies of BASIC on paper tape. Either way, you'd be hiring a smart, experienced developer who isn't afraid of whatever environment he ends up working in.

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Professional & Current Tools


Programming Languages, Platforms & Libraries

C#/.net, ASP.net MVC, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, reveal.js, Visual Basic, Python


Cloud Environments & Platforms

Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Heroku, Windows Azure, Twitter Storm


Professional & Current Tools



SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Cassandra, MySQL, MongoDB


Messaging Platforms

Apache Kafka, MSMQ, AWS-SQS, Tibco EMS, 0MQ



  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Life Sciences :: Clinical Trials
  • Custom Software Development
  • Investment & Banking
  • Media

Random facts about Jake



I'm an avid, lifetime +EV poker player and have competed in hundreds of tournaments using dozens of rule variants. In 2007, I played in the World Series of Poker main event (but did not place.)



I attend 100-150 meetups a year through Meetup.com including Developers for Good, AngularJS, and LispNYC.

More random facts about Jake


Parks & Gardens

I'm fascinated with New York City's parks and botanical gardens and want to see all of them eventually. At my current rate, I'll be done some time around 2079 (assuming they don't build any more.)


The Brazilian Connection

As a high school student, I spent a year in Brazil on the AFS exchange program and still speak very rusty Portugese (along with mediocre French and atrocious Spanish.)

External resources

  • Jake on LinkedIn
  • Jake on Github
  • Twitter: @YesThatJake
  • E-Mail: JobSearch at this domain (JakeBladt.com) for a copy of my more official resume or to discuss a job opportunity



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